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Debtor And Creditor Questions

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Although I don't claim to be a maritime law specialist or even practice in that area, 46 USCS § 31342 provides that (a)  Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a person provid ...Read more

They can sue you if they feel that you have made the payments as per the contract. But suing you and winning are totally different. If you feel that you do not owe them, hang up on them when they call ...Read more

On one hand this could be a scam on the other legitimate statement if you defaultd on the loan. Bottom line is you say you dont have the money so someone will blink. 

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Tax Time Q&A: Can the IRS Seize My Tax Refund to Apply Toward My Student Loan Debt?

Early February is the time of year when Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow, men panic about what to buy their betrothed for Valentine’s Day, and the go-getters get their tax returns done so they c ... Read more

Will a Pending Mortgage Modification Stop a Foreclosure Action?

It happens all the time.  Homes are entered into the foreclosure process and/or sold, while the homeowner and the mortgage company are right in the middle of negotiations towards modifying the lo ... Read more

Taxes, Penalties and Interest, Oh My! What You Can Do Today to Reduce or Eliminate Your Ultimate Tax Liability.

It’s that time of year again and the tax man cometh.  I’m no tax attorney, however, in 22 years of law practice, I’ve seen my fair share of clients with tax issues.  These ... Read more

“There Can’t Be a Judgment Against Me – I Was Never Personally Served, Right?” Wrong!

This month I’ve met with two potential clients, both of whom fell victim to “alternative service”, a process wherein judgments were entered, against them, without their knowledge. &n ... Read more

A New Year to Clean Up Your Credit Report!

Old judgments, debts in collection status, late payments, disputed debts, too much debt, too many accounts and/or identify theft. Any or all of these things can result in the denial of a job, a person ... Read more

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