Debtor and Creditor

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Debt Counseling Tips

You're knee deep in debt. You've tried budgeting, talking to your creditors and other self-help methods of controlling your debt, and it just hasn't done any good. ...Read more

Bankruptcy and Credit

You're considering filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to cancel your debts and wipe your credit slate clean. While your credit slate doesn't really get clean after a bank...Read more

Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Charge C...

  Debit card transactions, like writing checks, take money directly from your bank account  Credit cards allow you to borrow money for purchases in an amount up to...Read more


Debt Collectors May Go Too Far

Millions of American consumers have racked up over $2 trillion in debt. With so many owing so much, it's inevitable that some people fall behind in making payments for any number of reasons - living beyond their means, lost jobs, medical expenses, etc. The reasons don't matter to the creditors - they want their money. Debt Collectors Sometimes, when a bank, credit card company, ... Read More

Creditors Rights

Are Credit Card Companies Taking You To the Bank?

It's fast and convenient to use a credit card when buying something rather than having to have cash on hand or write a check. Of course, for that convenience, we're usually charged a fee - either by the credit card companies or the banks issuing the cards. Those fees are sometimes unexpected, high, and perhaps even illegal. New York Some New York Lottery players were surprised, ev... Read More

Additional Debtor and Creditor Topics

Additional Debtor and Creditor Topics