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Debt falls into two categories; secured and unsecured. With secured debt, the borrower, or debtor, pledges to secure payment of the loan. With unsecured debt, there is no property or "collateral" pledged to secure the loan. If a loan is in default, the creditor has to right to collect from the borrower, and may use any of a number of methods to do so. Foreclosure, a method of collecting amounts owed on real property, follows strict statutory procedures. The repossession of secured personal property usually follows the state Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). To collect an unsecured debt, the creditor may have to hire a collections agency or file a lawsuit. Please read on to find a debt lawyer, attorney, or learn more about debtor and creditor information. Debt information and lawyer listings provided by

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Request Your Free Credit Report Every Year
Your credit report is a record of all open accounts you have as well as your payment history with each of them. If you file for bankruptcy, it will appear on your credit report. Three national companies keep these records, and the law limits what they can do with the information they about you.
What It Means to Be Judgment Proof
Creditors can't obtain money or property from a debtor who is judgment proof. This means someone is insolvent, doesn't have enough assets to pay a debt or is protected by exemption laws. The debtor should consider future finances and debts when deciding whether to file for bankruptcy protection.
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act gives rights and protections to members of the military. The act helps service members focus on defending and protecting the country, and gives additional rights to military service members who take pay cuts while on active duty.
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act promotes ethical business practices by debt collectors by prohibiting their use of unfair, deceptive and abusive practices. The law applies to all persons who collect debts for other creditors and imposes criminal and civil penalties for violations.
Creditors' Legal Rights
Knowing your rights is the first step in sucessful debt collection.

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Do I owe this medical debt?
My husband was in the hospital without insurance. I sat down with the hospital financial counselor, showed her my paystubs and tax returns and signed a payment plan with the hospital to pay his bill in 24 monthly payments. I made the 24 monthly payments on time according to the payment plan and the hospital is now saying I owe several thousand dollars more because we don't qualify for their financial aid. If I do not pay this bill and they send me to collections and the collection agency takes me to court, will they win? I have a copy of the signed payment plan stating that 24 monthly payments as agreed in the plan (and as I paid) will "satisfy the account".
How can i get a loan company to stop using baliffs to harass me?
I took a loan and before i could repay it i lost my job (my loan was guaranteed by two friends) i made every effort to contact them and explain they refused to listen now they are using bailiffs to threaten my guarantors and me what can i do about it? And can they come to my house and seize my things or the guarantors things? (that was not part of the agreement) can i file a law suit against them? And how?
need to find about credit judgements against me
couldn't join my husbands credit union account they said I had judgements against me but could not reveal what they were. How can I find out what they are besides a credit report. I don;t understand them
Unpaid credit card bills
During my college years I have used several credit cards to pay for my bills, at the time I did not have money to pay them, and when I left to my country 20 years ago bills were not paid. From about 4-5 credit cards, am I subject to any legal action if I go back to visit the United States ?
What does Submitted mean in regards to appearance outcome?
I put in an order to show cause. It was approved. It went to court to vacate the judgement and i just check my local courts website and under appearance outcome it says "submitted".
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