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I cosigned a loan under false pretenses

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I cosigned a student loan (private through Wells Fargo) for someone whom lied to me about his addiction issues and state of mind. He lied about everything. I never would have agreed to cosign if I was not given false information or false pretenses. I have been paying the loan for the past year as I have too and he was missing and homeless. I have learned through public records that he is employed again and child support is taking his payments out as he has w-2 legal employment. Is there anyway I can fight having to pay it at all due to the false pretenses now that he has a job or at least have an order that he needs to attempt to make his own payments now that he is employed and able? I realize cosigning was a mistake and I am limited, but I only signed due to his lying and falsification to me. He has not assets, but he has employment now and income. I am not sure I picked right legal topic below...
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Answered on Mar 08th, 2017 at 9:07 AM

Nope. It is not the lenders fault you made the decision you did. That is all your responsibility. You made a horribly poor financial choice and now, sadly, you get the rsponsbility of your decisons. 

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