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Received a loan for $3000. Walked out of Lending institution with $2900 , $100 was taken off top for " FEES ". Paid $125 for 9 months. Paid loan off in July , 2017. I was charged $2900 at payoff. If interest had been 100% I would have only paid $2700. Need attorney , a total ripoff. Thanks
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Answered on Jul 25th, 2017 at 7:57 AM

You will need to hire a lawyer at some expense to review the issues and go from there. This sounds like some sort of title loan or short term loan and they have different rules for lending rates etc., though they often tilt over on the usury issue when the details are examined. Practical problem is you may pay an equal or greater amount in legal fees if you have to sue to get the money back or defend a lawsuit over the value. 

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Just because you owe money to another person, a bank, credit card company, landlord or another party doesn't mean you've signed away your legal rights. Federal and state debtor-creditor laws explain both the legal rights and obligations of debtors (people who owe money) and creditors (those who are owed money). If you're being hounded by collection agencies and debt collectors, talk to a debtor and creditor attorney who can help you enforce your legal rights while also working to explore debt relief options. Your lawyer can discuss the pros and cons of debt settlement, garnishment, personal bankruptcy and other possible solutions.
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