Millions of American consumers have racked up over $2 trillion in debt. With so many owing so much, it's inevitable that some people fall behind in ma ... read more
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This is always a problem with one off cases for collection. They are not usually "contingent fee" cases unless the debtor is an easy collection target. If you are on an hourly rate/retainer you should ...Read more

I am not sure why this is complicated.  Once the lien is filed, then a foreclosure action is brought to foreclose the lien.  Only the first year will trump a mortgage with a bank so move qui ...Read more

You are going to have to pay the bank.  You can sue your ex for indemnification and make him pay.

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Property Exempt from Creditor’s Liens

It should be noted that Texas history is filled with citizens from other states and countries moving to Texas to escape debt and not so friendly debt collection laws, incluing in some instances, debto ... Read more

Enforcing a Court Judgement

A man was awarded $11,500 by the court in attorney fees after being sued by his ex-wife. As of now, she refuses to pay any of the fees. What’s more, she has also quit her job. This man seeks adv ... Read more

Recent Nevada Supreme Court ruling on garnishments

Many creditors use garnishments as a means to enforcing their judgments. In a recent Nevada Supreme Court decision, Pacific Western Bank, v. The Eighth Judicial District Court 132 Nev. Adv. Op. 78 (20 ... Read more

Post Judgment Collections and Interrogatories in Aid of Execution: What Happens When a Judgment is Taken Against You?

Under Pennsylvania law, a "judgment" means any court order in favor of a plaintiff, and against you.  When that judgment involves damages, the Plaintiff has a right to collect against y ... Read more

FDCPA Class Action Settlement Gets Approved by the Court

A federal judge has approved a class action settlement against Collection Acquisition Company, LLC for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  In Jackson v. Collection Acquisition ... Read more

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