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You cannot remove yourself from the mortgage.  The divorce decree should have made her refinance or given you a credit if you paid to protect your credit.  Nothing you can do now unless the ...Read more

It is not a case that any attorney would take.  It is $309.  It is small claims.  However, it appears there is an issue with the seller's address.  The seller has made the money.&n ...Read more

In order to assure you have title to the ATV, you need the following: A certificate of title or manufacturer's statement of origin signed over to you. A signed application for title. An ...Read more

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Can a debt collector garnish my wages?

Q: Can a debt collector garnish my wages for an overdrawn bank account? Some time ago I had an account that someone else had access to and it was overdrawn. Now a firm is threatening to garnish my wag ... Read more

NY State Law on Debt Collection

In the past, we’ve covered the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, in considerable detail. We’ve discussed the basic provisions of this federal law. We’ve also covered some ... Read more

Sec. 1031 As A Debt Resolution Strategy

Those who fall into debt have a variety of options to select from when trying to climb out. We’ve devoted plenty of time and energy discussing some of the more commonly selected options. We&#821 ... Read more

How to Refinance Student Loan Debt to Your Benefit

Lately, we’ve covered the issue of student loan debt from a variety of angles. We’ve looked at whether student loan debt can be discharged. We’ve also looked at strategies for how to ... Read more

Strategies for Paying Off Student Loan Debt 

Recently, we discussed the conditions under which it may be possible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. As we saw, discharging student debt in bankruptcy is very difficult. The va ... Read more

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