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In order to assure you have title to the ATV, you need the following: A certificate of title or manufacturer's statement of origin signed over to you. A signed application for title. An ...Read more

hate to tell you be leaving the jursidiction could toll the statute of limitations. You may need to retain a lawyer to sort this out. This could be a legitimate case, a fraud case or a judgmet collect ...Read more

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How to Refinance Student Loan Debt to Your Benefit

Lately, we’ve covered the issue of student loan debt from a variety of angles. We’ve looked at whether student loan debt can be discharged. We’ve also looked at strategies for how to ... Read more

Strategies for Paying Off Student Loan Debt 

Recently, we discussed the conditions under which it may be possible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. As we saw, discharging student debt in bankruptcy is very difficult. The va ... Read more

Do You Qualify For Debt Relief?

In earlier posts, we’ve devoted considerable time and energy to discussing common debt related terminology. We’ve discussed terminology associated with debt consolidation, for in ... Read more

Can Student Loan Debt Ever Be Discharged? 

he old saying, about death and taxes being the two certainties in life, is outdated.  These days, debt needs be included as the third certainty.  No matter how much Americans might plan and ... Read more

What Are Illegal Debt Collection Practices?

n an earlier post, we discussed the rights granted to debtors under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA. As we learned, the Act covers most non-business consumer debts.  ... Read more

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