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what can i do with inconsistent billing balancese

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A medical bill was sent to a collection agency and I agreed to pay a monthly amount. The account was taken from the collection agency by the original billing co.The balance before it was taken back was $285.00 then was billed $424.00 and put under investigation.The next bill after investigation $303.00 when speaking with the rep. she noted that there was an additional $51.56 which was not on the bill. Next to the amount, sates current patient responsibility. Now they are to send me a different bill with a balance of the $303.0 + $51.56 which will amount to $354.81. I requested to print on the bill to come, final payment for i keep receiving inconsistent amounts.
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Answered on Mar 13th, 2017 at 12:54 PM

This could be a collection violation if they are claiming you owe more money than you do ornot giving you credit for payments made. If so, you might be able to sue them for $1,000.00 damages and make them pay the legal fees. 

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